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5th Grade Math Teacher
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5th Grade Math

Hello, my name is Mike Baird. I am a 5th Grade Math Teacher at Church Hill Intermediate School. I am proud to be a Tri-Cities native. I am honored to have the opportunity to help facilitate your student's academic experience as well as help them develop important life skills. I have earned degees from from Dobyns-Bennett High School, ETSU, and Milligan College. Feel free to contact me by email at < michael.baird@hck12.net >. I believe education, dedication, commitment,and hard work are keys to being successful. I look forward to working with you to help your student(s) reach their fullest potential.

Welcome to Mr. Baird's Math Class.  

See my Google Classroom for important information
    Class Calendar (tentative lesson schedule)
    Class Resources

Link to 5th Grade Math Math Standards


Supplies Needed for Math Class:

     2--Composition Books
     Pencils & erasers
     4--Red pens
     4--Expo markers 

     Be on time     
     Be prepared 
     Be respectful to all peers, staff, and visitors
     Be responsible for your behaviors, supplies,  
     Give your best effort on all assignments, activities, projects, and assessments
     Submit assignments & assessments on time


Grades will be taken from but not limited to:
     Class assignments; Homework; Activities; Projects (individual and group); Math Labs;  Assessments (quizzes and tests)
     Assignments not submitted on time: students will be given an opportunity to resubmit assignment, 10 points will be deducted for each week late, 
            up to three (3) weeks.  Assignments will not be accepted after three (3) weeks.
Corrections/Extra Credit will NOT be offered

Additional assignments may be given to students as needed for lesson mastery.


                        If needed, contact Mr. Baird by calling CHIS  (423-357-0252) or by email  <   michael.baird@hck12.net   >.  He will respond ASAP.

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