Welcome to CHIS School Counseling

School Counseling Services:

Individual Counseling:  Students, Teachers, and Parents may refer for individual counseling.  During this time a basic intake will be completed, and counseling needs will be determined.  Individual counseling is limited to brief sessions on an as needed basis.

Consultation:  Teachers and Parents may refer for consultation purposes.  During consultation, I will work with involved individuals to develop a plan of action to help the identified problem or issue.  Consultation is a way to work together to deal with issues that need to be addressed.  Some common areas of consultation include- Friendship issues, organization issues, lying and trust issues, students not completing work issues, family issues, and issues that are causing distress in the school setting. 

Common issues that parents and teachers present for consultation:

1) My child isn't doing their work, and I have no idea what they are supposed to do.  How can I help them?

2) My child won't bring home their homework or turn in assignments.  Can you help me?

3) I think my child is being picked on at school, they don't have any friends.  What do I need to do.

4) We are having a terrible time with our child at home, they aren't listening, they lie, and we don't know what to do.

5) Student is not turning in assignment and not getting work done in class.

6) Student seems to be having a hard time at school in general.

These and many other comments are very typical to hear in the school counseling setting.  Consultation will allow for myself and the parents or teacher to work together to determine what may help their students.

Records:  If you have any questions regarding records, please contact the school counselor.

Guidance Classes:  Students will receive the Guidance curriculum through the ICT related arts class as well as once monthly.  This class is intended to combine Information, Communication, and Technology.  During this class students will be discussing and communicating about topics in the Guidance curriculum.  These topics include: Character Education, Choice and Decision making, Friendship and Bullying, Drugs and Alcohol, and Career Awareness.  Students will receive ICT for 1 six weeks out of the year.

504 Coordinator: School Counselors are also the schools 504 coordinators.  If you think your child has a need for a 504 plan, please contact myself to discuss student options.

Questions:  If you have questions regarding services available for students and families, please feel free to contact myself.  I will be happy to speak with you regarding any issue that you may have.