Important Info for ELearners From Mrs. Price 2/25/21


As you know, part of the requirements for being accepted into the Hawkins County eLearning program was the understanding that eLearning students must be brought in to the school to do any major testing.  Below are some of the tests your child will be required to take this semester.


CASE TESTING - (Beginning March 1) - This is a benchmark test which allows teachers to measure which standards students have mastered and which standards need to be revisited before the end of the year to ensure this student is ready to go on to the next grade level.  This test normally takes several days to complete, as it has sections for all subjects (math, reading, science and social studies).  Click Here To Schedule Your Slot


AimsWeb Testing - (April or May) Many of our eLearning students did not participate in our Winter benchmark in December and still need to do it.   The AimsWeb Test measures student ability in math and reading.  It is very important this year, because it also will determine how much learning loss students may have due to being out of school for Covid-19.  Teachers determine student needs for intervention based upon AimsWeb Testing.


TCAP TESTING - (Beginning April 16) - TCAP tests will be very important this year to determine student learning loss.  Teachers use TCAP results to determine what needs students may have to revisit in order to be successful the following year.  TCAP testing may also help determine eligibility for summer learning camps if needed.  Tennessee legislature has determined that student TCAP scores will NOT be counted against the student on their grades, but CAN be used to improve their grade at the end of the year.  CHIS students have shown that even during this time of pandemic, they are learning!  Your child’s TCAP scores will also measure the success of our hard working teachers during this difficult year.  We are excited to celebrate our successes with CHIS students!


You will be notified the week prior to these tests in order to schedule a time for you to bring your child in for testing.  Your child, along with other eLearners, will not be placed in the regular classrooms for testing.  We will do everything possible to keep them in large classrooms where they can socially distance and be comfortable in their own space to take the test.  If you would like, they can be provided a free breakfast or lunch while they are there.   Thank you in advance for partnering with us to ensure your child gets the best education possible! 


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Sherry Price,