Class Schedule

Regular School Schedule

7:15 Doors open for students. Breakfast begins. 

7:50 Bell rings for students to go to class.

8:00 Tardy bell rings. All students should be settled and ready to learn.

8:00 - 8:30 Morning Meeting

8:30 - 2:15 Students participate in three 90 minute classes: Reading/Language Arts, Math, and Science/Social Studies. They also participate in a 45 minute related arts class, which includes: PE, Wellness, Library, Guidance, Art, and Music.

2:15 Connections Classes. All students have an extra 45 minutes of math and/or reading instruction based upon his or her individual need for support or enrichment.

3:00 Dismissal Bell.

Bus duty and car pickup* is over by 3:30.

**Walkers are released at 3:15.


Detention is served on Thursdays after school until 4:00 pm.

* Car pickup CHIS. Due to the unique layout, it is important that all drivers follow specific policies to ensure the safety of all students. When you enter the school area, you must leave your student pickup number in the mailbox on the left. You should then drive into the parking area on the left and park your car forward, so that all traffic can move smoothly when instructed to do so. Students are waiting inside the school listening for your car number. When it is called, a group of students are then walked safely over the crosswalk to the parking lot to find their ride. It is okay if you want to wait at the shelter, or step outside your car to wave, but please do not try to enter the building in the pickup area. Also, please wait until most students are inside their vehicles before pulling out of the pickup area. If you want to pick up your student inside, you must bring a picture identification to the office area for them to be called. Your name must also be on the child's emergency card. We appreciate your cooperation as we strive to keep all CHIS students safe.

** Parents who approve of students walking home from CHIS must fill out a form in the office. These students will remain in the pickup area hallway until 3:15 to be released. We appreciate drivers looking out for students who may be walking home from our school campus.