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Choir will be postponed until the beginning of September to allow time for recruitment and auditioning. ALL STUDENTS MUST AUDITION TO BE A PART OF THE CHOIR, EVEN IF THEY WERE IN CHOIR LAST YEAR.

Due to COVID-19, the total number of students in the choir will not exceed 35 students. A detailed choir description that details audition dates, dress code, fees/materials, and rehearsal/performances dates will be sent home with interested students. A rehearsal schedule will be posted here and sent out to students who have made choir.

Rehearsal is extremely important. Missing three rehearsals unexcused will result in dismissal from the choir. Five excused absences are allowed. Excused absences include parent notes or doctor notes. Any absence MUST BE reported at least 24 hours before the rehearsal unless it is an emergency or it will be considered unexcused. Inappropriate behavior during rehearsal will also result in dismissal from the choir. Students must be picked up ON TIME. If students are picked up more than 10 minutes late three times, it will result in dismissal from the choir.

Choir Auditioning information will be posted soon!



Mrs. Woods

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