Arrivals & Departures

Parents, welcome to Church Hill Intermediate School!!!  SAFETY is our #1 priority when putting together this system.

Our parking lot is squeezed between our school and Church Hill Middle School. We have only one entrance and one exit for both personal vehicles and buses. This can, at times, make our parking lot a very crowded place! From 7:15-8:00 and 3:00-3:30, there are about 400 students that are making their way to and from school. Through trial and error (and a lot of tweaking), we have created a drop-off and pick-up system that works best for our school and the safety of our students. 

Please be ALERT!! Drive slowly and follow staff instructions at all times! Please put CELL PHONES AWAY unless your vehicle is in PARK!

Thank you for your cooperation and support in looking out for the safety of all the children at our school!! 

We would like to thank everyone who has worked to improve our pickup process in the afternoons by learning and following all procedures.  As always, our primary goal is to keep all our students safe.  We also appreciate everyone who keeps office pickups in the afternoons to a minimum.   We understand the occasional need to pick up for an appointment; however 


1If you enter the building before the 3:00 bell rings to pick up your student you must immediately sign them out with the current time (these minutes do add up against attendance).  No one will be allowed to linger in the front office or foyer area.  Students will be called to the office immediately, and you will be asked to wait inside the office area.  Please note that classes prepare to leave at 2:55, so there may be a slight delay for communication to reach them.

Drop Off & Pick Up

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2)  If you choose to sign your child out in the office area at or after 3:00, you must not enter the building until the 3:00 bell rings.  No one will be allowed to linger in the front office or foyer area.  At that time, office staff will provide you with the necessary sign out sheet, which will indicate that you will be waiting for them in the parking lot in front of the school.  Your child will then be called to the office and sent out the front doors to meet you.  Please remember that you must show your ID in order to pick up your student.


We appreciate everyone's patience as our teachers and staff are faced with managing the safety of approximately 400 students as they leave each day.  Circumstances such as after-school sports and activities, custody changes, changes in parent work schedules, etc... are understandable, but difficult for office staff to manage without strict policies and procedures in place. 


Thank you for helping us maintain a safe environment for all students