About Church Hill Intermediate School

CHIS Students Eager to Learn!
Mission Statement  


The mission of Church Hill Intermediate School is to provide every student the opportunities to learn and the encouragement to succeed academically, personally, and professionally.


  Church Hill Intermediate School was created in 2010 to open more space for our 4 feeder elementary schools:  Carters Valley Elementary, Church Hill   Elementary, McPheeters Bend Elementary, and Mount Carmel Elementary.  CHIS is proud to be the transition school in which each of these communities come together to begin their educational journey through middle and high school.  Currently, CHIS enrolls approximately 400 fifth and sixth grade students.

  CHIS has a faculty composed of 28 teachers and 2 administrators.  We also have other staff such as teaching assistants, office workers, custodians, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and a nurse and guidance counselor who work diligently each day to make our school a great place to be.  We are  thankful for the many central office supervisors, educational coaches, and special needs teachers who make CHIS students a priority throughout the week as they serve them.

  CHIS students are randomly assigned to a team of 3 teachers each year.  With our mascot, the panther, in mind, team names consist of different cat names from the panther family.  Each day, students travel with the same homeroom class of students to each of their three classes and related arts.  Students are well supervised and are walked to and from related arts and lunch each day. In the spirit of providing individualized opportunities for each child, every afternoon students have a one-hour math or reading intervention class called "Connections" with other students needing practice or enrichment on similar skills. 

Students have 6 related arts classes throughout the year.


Guidance/ICT - Information, Communication, and Technology

  Guidance classes offer students a variety of opportunities to practice social skills, focus on career planning, and learn the importance of serving in our community as productive citizens.

  CHIS teachers work diligently to provide students with an excellent education.  Before school starts, teachers spend time looking at each student's grades, attendance, and test scores from the previous year in order to make plans for instruction.  Throughout the year, a variety of assessments are given in order to check student reading levels, as well as benchmark their progress in each subject area to ensure that they are learning.  Benchmark assessments are tracked by teachers and students to show growth.   By using data that shows specific needed skills, teachers are able to individualize instruction, as well as better advise parents in how to support their child at home.

  CHIS, along with all other Tennessee pubic schools, teaches Tennessee State Standards.  These standards promote problem solving, writing, and help students connect their learning in real-world situations.  Anyone can view these standards online at: https://www.tn.gov/education/instruction/academic-standards.html

  All 5th and 6th grade students will take a state assessment at the end of the year.  This year, the test will be paper/pencil.  You may find more information about Tennessee State Testing at : https://www.tn.gov/education/assessment.html