Sixth Grade Club Information

This year CHIS will have clubs for sixth grade during connections from 12:30-1:30pm. Club day will be once a month on Friday beginning on October 20. 

Please read the club descriptions for sixth grade. Once you have decided, you will need to completely fill out the google form for your grade. 

The link for the sixth grade google form is here.

Teacher/ Staff Name 6th Grade Club Name Club Description 
Kristie Russell Escape The Classroom Use problem solving and team skills to solve problems and puzzles to "escape" the classroom
Carla Roberts Career Club A variety of guest speakers will visit and talk to this club about different career choices they might be interested in.
Thea Puckett STEM Club Project based activities to encourage careers in Science, Technology, Engineering , and Math fields.
Cyndie Morelock Teach the students the basics of computer coding. They will also learn about the need for computer science degrees and the jobs available with those degrees
Ed Anderson CPU Club Teach students the basic components of a computer. Goal is to help them to see that computer knowledge/repair is a needed and wanted real world skill. 
Danielle Triplette Battle of the Books Students read a list of novels and use their knowledge of those books to compete against each other at the end of the year to win prizes.
Tennille Green Animal Shelter Club Students will be creating ways to help out local animal shelters. Organization and communication skills will be practiced while helping out our animal shelters.
Rachel James/Patricia Chapman Appreciation Team (A Team) Students will be the team responsible for preparing for Appreciation Days. There will be approxiamately 7 days throughout the year that students will prepare for. Activities will include using creative skills to appreciate others and working together as a team.
Kristen Davenport/Sherri Pugh Panther Investigative Reporters Students will create a 30 minute newsroom type video that will be played or "aired" during the lunch room once a month. Students will research news broadcasts and then create their own with teacher assistance. Students who participate will gain knowledge in technology, researching, public speaking, and much more! **Could possibly collaborate with other clubs that want to be on the "show".
Gil Johnson AR Reading Club Get some quality quiet time for AR.
Steven Meyers Automotive Club Teach students the basics of the automotive industry. Maintenance of vehicles. Careers available in the automotive industry. Learn some pretty cool things about automobiles.

Elizabeth Saxena/Tamma Jackson Panther Pride Newspaper Students will create a school newspaper. Students will be responsible for writing, editing, designing, and publishing a school newspaper. Articles and sections will be assigned the first club meeting.
****Students must be willing to work on their article outside of the classroom through google classroom.******

Valorie Bausell Board Games Students will learn to play traditional board games. They will learn how to follow the rules of the game. Students will learn the value of taking turns and how to win and/ lose successfully.  
Penny Henderson Budgeting Students will learn the importance of budgeting in the real world. Students will be given a monthly budget with checking/savings account balances. Other activities, such as planning a vacation, unexpected expenses(appliance repair or replace,etc...) will be done throughout the year.
Danielle Triplette Battle of the Books Students read a list of novels and use their knowledge of those books to compete against each other at the end of the year to win prizes.
Laura Bright United States History This is a club for students to not only learn about rarely discussed topics in U.S. history, but to also realize the importance of careers in history, law, military jobs, and political leadership. Lessons of the past shed light on our most important issues of today.