Fifth Grade Club Information

This year CHIS will have clubs for fifth grade during connections from 2:00-3:00pm.  Club day will be once a month on Friday beginning on October 20. 

Please read the club descriptions for fifth grade. Once you have decided, you will need to completely fill out the google form for your grade. 

The link for the fifth grade google form is here.

Teacher/ Staff Name 5th Grade Club Name Club Description
Kristie Russell Escape The Classroom Use problem solving and team skills to solve problems and puzzles to "escape" the classroom
Elizabeth   McLain CHIS Jr. Tech Team Students will be selected by teachers. We will meet to discuss how to help teachers with equipment and students with programs. These folks will learn valuable skills and be a great asset to their class. Teachers will choose one student from each homeroom. Total 3 from each pod. Signup sheet will be shared soon. 
Sunshine Dobbs Debate Club Students participating in the club will engage in regular debates, learn effective styles in research and improve their public speaking skills. 
Annie Derrick Helping Hands Students participating in making memories for our seniors and our school They will make crafts and goodie bags for the nursing home. We will work with the activities coordinator to see what is needed for the residents. Students will collect items and bring to each meeting. Students will learn how to think of others in need above themselves. They will also learn about skills needed for healthcare, community service and keeping a clean school environment. They will help with cleaning, collecting trash and helping improve our school.
Amanda Ingram Walking/Fitness Club We will work together to make ourselves healthier. 
Laura Jones Music Share/Songwriting/Jam Club To bring together students who would like to channel their interests and creativity into writing by experiences through listening and sharing music with peers, analysing characteristics of song composition, creating their own lyrics, poems, spoken word, and then learning how to use these skills in real life situations such as: public speaking, positively channeling emotions and frustrations through writing, singing, playing instruments, and performance.
Gil Johnson AR Reading Club Get some quality quiet time for AR.
Mike Baird Photography Students will take & edit photos (portraits, groups, scenery, etc). Purpose is to have students find a new interest. Students will use iPads at first then they will have disposable cameras to use.

*Will need a MAX 20 STUDENTS* I will be purchasing cameras 

Tracie Hill Coloring/Artistic Expression Club Students will express their artisitc and creative sides through coloring and drawing. 
Ginger Cloud Ladies & Gentlemen's Club Students will be taught proper etiquette and manners by role playing and practicing different social scenarios. 
Kristen Davenport Panther Investigative Reporters Students will create a 30 minute newsroom type video that will be played or "aired" during the lunch room once a month. Students will research news broadcasts and then create their own with teacher assistance. Students who
participate will gain knowledge in technology, researching, public speaking, and much more! **Could possibly collaborate with other clubs that want to be on the "show".

Rachel James/Sherri Pugh Appreciation Team Students will be the team responsible for preparing for Appreciation Days. There will be approxiamately 7 days throughout the year that students will prepare for.  Activities will include using creative skills to appreciate others and working together as a team. 
Westley Duncan Math Investigators Students will explore the history of Mathematics and learn advanced math skills that correspond to the Mathematician we are studying.  Students will present their new knowledge at a CHIS Math Fair held later on in the school year. Students in this group may also be chosen to compete in a Mathematics Competition later in the year. 
Lisa Renner Card Games Students will learn to play traditional card games such as solitaire, spoons, crazy 8, rummy, etc.  They will also learn how to take turns, follow rules, play independently as well as together and to lose and win with respect for others. 
Valerie Bausell Board Games Students will learn to play traditional board games. They will learn how to follow the rules of the game. Students will learn the value of taking turns and how to win and lose successfully.