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Welcome to Ms. Davenport's 5th & 6th Grade Music Class!


Holly Jolly Jukebox Practice Dates

September 28, 2017 – AUDITIONS

October 17, 19,24,26,31

November 2, 7,9,14,16,21,30

December (Dress Rehearsals)- 5,7,12,14

December 18 @ 2:00 & 6:00- performance





Ms. Kristen Davenport


General Music Syllabus 2017-2018


Church Hill Intermediate School


Course Description:


Students will experience many areas of music including singing and general classroom instruments during the 2017-2018 school year. Students will participate in one to two plays/musicals throughout the year.




Ms. Kristen Davenport, B.M., Music Education K-12, M.A., Curriculum & Instruction, E.d.S., Curriculum & Instruction, Administration. Email:


Music Standards:


Standards for Music may be found at:




6th-                                    8_general.pdf


Course Outline:


The general music class will be divided into six-week periods in which students will learn the following:


· First Six Weeks- Rhythm/Beat/Bucket Drums (Standards 2 & 5), Star Spangled Banner Unit (Standards 1, 8, & 9).


· Second Six Weeks- Composer Cereal (Standards 8 & 9), Christmas Program (Standards 2 & 5), Christmas around the World (Standards 8 & 9)


· Third/Fourth Six Weeks- Recorders (Standards 2 & 5), Improving/Composing (Standards 3 & 4)


·  Fifth Six Weeks- Evaluating Music (Standards 6 & 7)


·  Sixth Six Weeks- Music Store Project (Standards 8 & 9)


· Daily Activities- Sight-singing and Rhythm Practice (Standards 1 & 5)




1st Infraction: Verbal Warning


2nd Infraction: Lunch Detention


3rd Infraction: Intramural Detention


4th Infraction: Call Home


5th Infraction: Office Referral




Students are expected:


1. Participate in all activities


2. Respect all materials and others


3. Follow behavior, student code of conduct, and discipline per the Middle and High School Handbook.




Students will be assessed periodically based on musical concepts learned throughout the year.


Materials Needed:


Occasional project materials may be needed as the general music class will consist of project-based learning.




Students will receive a grade based on participation (50%) and class work (50%).


The grading scale will be as follows:


A=93-100, B=85-92, C=75-84, D=70-74, F=0-69