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Welcome to Mrs. Derrick's 

5th Grade Science and Social Studies Class

You are now a Cheetah! We roar, we are proud and take ownership of our education!

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Behavior expectations for the Cheetah Tribe

1.      Be prepared and on time for class!

2.      Treat others as you would like to be treated!

3.      Respect other people’s property (if it’s not yours, leave it alone!)

4.      Be Responsible!

Consequences if pod rules are not followed

1.      Verbal Warning

2.      Writing Assignment /lunch detention

3.      Detention/ In-School Suspension

4.      Office referral

*Severe offenses will result in an immediate office referral


 ***I don't give much homework because we cover two subject areas. However, I do expect students to study almost nightly. If you know what lesson or Chapter we are on, go ahead and start practicing and reviewing that Chapter with your child. Your memory does not store information the first time you hear it. Study and practicing skills more than three times will put it into your long term memory. Don't skip the most important part of my class...STUDYING!

Class Policies 

5th Grade Science & Social Studies Information and Expectations (2017-2018)

Mrs. Derrick-Room 509

****Parents, I know you have a lot of questions about CHIS. I hope to answer most of them here. I will go over this with students the first week of school. If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. My e-mail is and my website can be found under\chis click on School Staff and my name. Remind is also a GREAT way to stay in the loop. It’s an e-mail or text you can sign-up for and I will text you when a TEST or event is coming up. Parents thank me for this every year.

Morning routine: Car riders will enter the cafeteria and eat FREE breakfast. At 7:30 some students will be released to go to the gym. 5th graders are NOT allowed to sit with 6th graders. You will be told where to sit.

Lockers: You will be assigned a locker to keep your things in. You will be able to go to your locker between each class. You will not be able to go to your locker after Connections at the end of the day. If you need to come back in with a parent to get something you may do so. A locker is a privilege, if it is found with food, candy, drinks or anything else, it can be taken away. Staying organized and turning in your work is key to 5th grade. If your locker becomes messy and you are missing work, your locker will be taken away.

Entering the Classroom: Please enter the classroom with minimal noise and in an orderly manner. Quickly find your assigned seat and begin working on the warm up activity. Most days you will have a new Standard to write in your journal. This is the time to do this. There should be no standing around, chatting, or slamming of books on desks. Do not go in, if I am not in the room. This rule protects everyone. Students are not left unsupervised in any area, and privacy is maintained if there is a meeting in progress.

Be On Time: If you arrive in my classroom anytime after the scheduled start time, you will be counted as tardy. Three (3) tardies will result in an afternoon detention.

Organization: Come to class with all required materials, and do not interrupt the class by asking other students for supplies. Look at the board on the outside of my classroom to see what is needed for the day’s lesson. If you forgot paper or pencil, you may borrow from the student supply bin. Please do not touch or take anything off of my desk. Don’t interrupt me to ask for a pencil. Ask a friend or grab a colored pencil and move on. Keep all papers/worksheets in your binder for quick reference later.

Notebook: Students will maintain an interactive notebook for Science and Social Studies. Everything we do will be kept in the composition books. Any loose papers will need to be in your binder. You are required to use proper capitalization, spelling and complete sentences in my class. Points will be deducted if this is not followed.

Class work: Class work will be completed individually, in small groups, or as a class. If you do not finish class work it will be homework. If you repeatedly refuse to do your work during class, you will get a day of ISS and do your work silently for the day. New to board policy this year. If a student is caught cheating, the student will be given a zero. Teachers do not have to let the student do the assignment over.

Homework: Homework will not be assigned most days. If time permits, students will have an opportunity to complete most of their homework assignments at school. My class will mainly require students to study nightly. It is the responsibility of the STUDENT to write down any homework on the provided calendar sheet, to be kept in the binder or in a planner.

Turning in Class work/Homework: Highlight your name to make sure it is on your paper. Please put your heading (Name, Date, Class) on all work before placing it in the basket.

Late Assignments: Late work will result in a 10-point deduction for each day late. After two days, work will not be accepted if the student has not been absent

Absent Student: This is YOUR responsibility to get all assignments and begin making up work immediately. If you are absent you will have the same number of days absent to turn in your makeup work. Example: If you are absent for 5 days, you will have 5 days to make up your work. Remember to bring your excuse on the day of your return to school. Work may be requested by parents by emailing me or by calling the school. Please allow enough time for work to be prepared.

Grading/Feedback: You will receive your graded work as soon as possible, usually a week. Most items will be sent home in Friday folders. Look for these EVERY Friday. Students are asked to keep a 9 week grading sheet to track their grades and monitor how they are doing. This should be kept in their binder. Teachers are now posting grades in an online database. You should call the school to find out how to sign up for Skyward. You can monitor your student’s grades as soon as they are posted. Sometimes an assignment is listed, but no grade is shown. Don’t panic! This can change the average of a student quite a bit. If a student has been absent, please give ample time to get the work graded and entered into the database. Please use this wonderful resource. Even if you do not have internet access at home, you can stop by a public library and check the site quickly.  

Substitute teachers: I try not to miss school at all, but sometimes it can't be avoided. If a substitute teacher is over my class, I expect students to give them the same respect as they do me. ***If a student's name is left by a substitute in the Cheetah pod, it is an automatic detention. I support the adult in the room because they stand in for me. I trust their judgment and there is no exception to this rule.

Out of Area: Please remain in your seat at all times unless otherwise directed. If you need to sharpen a pencil, get paper, throw away trash, etc… please do not get out of your seat while I (or another student) am presenting in front of the class.   The time to do this is when an assignment has been made and you need to sharpen your pencil to begin your work.

Passes/Bathroom Breaks: If you need to leave the classroom for any reason, you must ask the teacher, for a nurse, bathroom or office pass. I encourage you to use the restroom during homeroom, and between classes. You will have 5 times at class changes that you may go to the restroom. If there’s a medical condition or an emergency, you will be permitted to go to the nurse and/ or restroom. We will be having a sign in and out on the computer this year that will tell us how often students are leaving class. Those students taking advantage of the privilege will lose it.

Phone/Intercom/Instant Message: When the phone rings, please remain in your seat and quiet until I have finished with the call. Do not pick up the phone unless asked. If you hear an announcement on the intercom, please stop everything you are doing and listen. The intercom is used to give us important information such as lockdowns, schedule changes etc.

School Drills: During a school drill, stop all talking and class activities. Listen closely to the teacher in order to follow given directions. This includes no talking during lockdowns and while walking out of the building during a fire drill. Students that are causing others to make noise will have consequences, as ALL drills should be considered real and very serious.

Class Discussions/Instruction:

We will have many discussions in class because I think that your thoughts and opinions are very important. However, if you want to participate you must always raise your hand. If everyone blurts out answers, it will be impossible to hear your classmates’ valuable insights. Never ridicule, mock, or put down other students in my classroom. This will not be tolerated.

Classroom Website: My classroom website will be updated weekly. This will provide an overview of topics for the week. Any important information about my class can be found here. I will not always post every assignment on the website. I feel it is the responsibility of the student to record their assignments each day before leaving my classroom. I will post important projects and test dates on my website. I will also be sending texts and e-mails of important dates, for those of you that wish to sign-up.

The key to 5th grade is doing your work and keeping up with journaling and homework. It will be a great year!


Mrs. Derrick’s Classroom Expectations


·         Listen carefully. No talking to friends during instruction time.

·         Enter and Exit prepared-Bring all materials to class. Don’t leave your things behind.

·         Always try your best- I want to see what you can do, not your neighbor.

·         Respect yourself and others- be kind to all.

·         No excuses- If you don’t have your work, don’t take a zero, late work always gets partial credit.



1.     Students should be in their assigned seat and ready to learn at the bell. You should already be working on your warm-up assignment.

2.     Students are responsible for cleaning up their own mess. Bottled water only. No food or candy.

3.     Students are dismissed by Mrs. Derrick, NOT by the bell.



Consequences for missing work

            Students will write down each grade they get on a tracking sheet. This allows students to see exactly what grade to expect on their report card. If you begin to build up zeros, you will fail my class. You will have to start making up the zeros by missing gym, detention, ISS. Students are always allowed to turn in work late for up to two days. Points will be deducted for being late but this is ALWAYS better than a zero.