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Welcome to Ms. Bright's 

6th Grade Science and

Social Studies


Test Reworks in SS ( India Test)

will be the day we return from winter break. 



Supplies: A ring binder is already listed on the CHIS supply list. If your student has been organized in the past, this should be fine to have for all classes. If your student has STRUGGLED IN THE PAST TO BE ORGANIZED  ( for example they get their science, math , and social studies work mixed up in their notebook ) I STRONGLY suggest you purchase a separate binder for Science and one for Social Studies. 6th graders have notes, writing, reviews, classwork, project instructions, and more in their notebooks. If they do not know exactly where it is, they will be stressed and will have lower grades.


Also, dividers are extremely helpful, but not required. If your student struggles with organization, these are important.

Please get a pack of colored pencils; there are some in the classroom, but there is a limited supply.