Morning Drop-Off & Afternoon Pick-Up Procedures
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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Morning Drop-off and Afternoon Pick-up Procedures


Morning drop-off does not begin until 7:15 AM.  Students must remain in cars until cafeteria doors are unlocked.  All students must enter through the cafeteria until bell rings.

We will be unloading approximately 5 cars at a time.

Once in the drop-off zone (area directly in front of flag poles at front entrance), wait for traffic to come to a stop.  Students should then promptly exit the vehicle and walk up the sidewalk to cafeteria door.

(Click here for a visual of drop off Zone.  "X" marks the spot for the drop off zone.)



Each child will be assigned a pick-up number.

Please drop your pick-up number in the mailbox before parking.  Students will take the card with them when exiting the building.

If you do not have your pick-up number, you will have to park and sign your child out in the office with photo ID.

**It is very important your child knows their pick-up number.

Parents need to remain in the parking areas.  Faculty on duty will be stopping traffic so students can cross.

If you need to enter the building you must park and proceed to the front entrance.  *No one will be allowed to enter through the pick-up area.

Students should be picked up by 3:15 PM.  (Please be patient the first couple of weeks.  Car pick-up may be a bit longer while everyone adjusts.)


Each child must have permission through the office by a parent/guardian note or phone call for a destination that is off of the school campus-to be a walker.

Walkers will be dismissed from the car rider area at approximately 3:15 PM.

 Our goal is to ensure each student's safety!

Thank you for your cooperation helping make our pick up system as safe and efficient as possible.


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