Dress Code for Hawkins County Middle Schools
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Monday, July 11, 2016
Please review the dress code as you plan for the upcoming year! Thanks!

Hawkins County Board of Education

DRESS CODE  Student dress should be such that it ensures a natural environment conducive to learning that protects the educational process. We always encourage our students to dress appropriately and wear clothing that is not disruptive to the school operation, and that does not interfere with classroom procedures. Per TN Code Annotated 49-6-4009, students are prohibited from wearing clothing that exposes underwear or body parts in an indecent manner that disrupts the learning environment. With these principles in mind, the dress code is in effect from arrival on campus until school dismissal. School issued uniforms may be worn during school approved events during the school day.

Facial Piercing Middle School: Visible body jewelry (other than earrings) is not permitted at school. Jewelry worn shall be no larger than a standard earring, and shall not create a distraction to the educational process  nor pose a health or safety risk to any student.  

General Requirements  

 Trench coats are not allowed.

 An observable lack of undergarments is not allowed.  

 All clothing should be clean and in good repair.  

 See through clothing and cut-outs are not permitted.

 Head coverings, including hats, scarves, sweat bands, stockings, etc. are not to be worn in the building at any time. However, religious headgear is permitted.

 Students are not allowed to wear industrial or pet chains/collars around the neck, wrist, or waist. Chains must not be attached to wallets.

 Clothing that displays the names or advertisements of drug, alcohol or tobacco products, profane, vulgar, violent, illegal, immoral, or hate messages, or sexual innuendo is prohibited.  Examples of some inappropriate displays include, but are not limited to the following:  o Hate Symbols (Nazi emblems, KKK, etc.)  o Illegal Activities (Drink ‘til you drop, The more I drink, the better you look, etc.)  There can be and are many other examples of inappropriate advertisements or messages. Students who 30 have a question about the appropriateness of their clothing should consult a building administrator.

Dress Code Middle and High School 6.310  

 Accessories must not disrupt the educational process or draw undue attention to the individual.  They must be free of offensive or suggestive words or graphics and contain no reference to  drugs, alcohol, tobacco, illegal/immoral substances, or activities.

 Shoes must be /slippers are not permitted.

 Students are not allowed to wear, carry, or display gang paraphernalia or items associated with  gangs. Student attire cannot be modified (i.e. rolling up a pant leg) to display gang affiliation.

 Sunglasses cannot be worn inside the building during the school day.


High School: A student’s hair must not draw undue attention to the individual  

Middle School: A student’s hair will be worn in a manner that does not disrupt the educational process or does not call attention to the individual. Unnatural hair coloring (pink, blue, green, orange, etc.) or hair styles are not allowed.  

 Spirit group uniforms worn to attend class must meet all dress code requirements.


 Off the shoulder shirts are not allowed.

 Shirts must have a neckline that does not expose any portion of the breast. Button-up shirts may be open only at the neck unless worn over a shirt that meets the dress code.

 Shirts worn outside the waistband must be of sufficient length that no flesh is exposed when the student fully extends one arm above the head.  

 All shirts must have sleeves.

 Pajama tops are not allowed. 

Shorts, Skirts, Dresses, and Jumpers

All skirts, dresses, and jumpers must reach the midpoint of the thigh or below.  

 Slits in skirts may not be longer than a dollar bill’s length above the knee.  

 Shorts must reach the “mid-point” of the thigh or below.

 The top of the dress must meet the shirt requirement of the dress code or have beneath it a shirt that does.


 Off the shoulder sweaters are not allowed.

 Sweaters are permitted as long as they meet the dress code or are worn over a shirt that does.


 Pants must be worn at the waist and be sized appropriately. NO SAGGING. 

 Holes, rips, and tears are not permitted above mid-thigh.  

 Pajama bottoms/lounging pants are not allowed.

 Leggings are permitted so long as they are covered by a skirt, dress, jumper, or shirt that reaches midpoint of the thigh or below.

Dress Code Middle and High School 6.310

 It is the discretion of the administration and/or faculty as to what is appropriate for the learning environment. This includes whether garments are inappropriately tight or revealing. Any student wearing questionable attire will be reported to the administrator and may be sent home to change. Repeated offenses will result in disciplinary action.

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