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Principal's Corner

Days of Fall

As we finish up the first nine weeks, I am humbled and proud to reflect on the dedication of the students, parents, teachers, staff, and community stakeholders at CHIS.  At this challenging time of changes in education, everyone at CHIS is working diligently to help students succeed.  It is so easy to get overwhelmed and forget to see the big picture sometimes.  Some proud moments I've witnessed are as follows:

  • A custodian, taking time to work with a special needs student.
  • A teacher, sitting in the floor engaging with students on a group project.
  • An assistant, working with a student struggling in reading, telling him how much he is improving.
  • A parent, donating funds to pay for other students to go on a field trip.
  • A student, helping another student who dropped her books in the hallway.
  • A cafeteria worker, paying for a student's lunch out of her own pocket.
  • A nurse, making connections with parents daily to let them know their child is cared for.
  • A guidance counselor, making a special point to check on a student who is going through hard times.
  • A bus driver, calling to let me know of a student's home circumstances so that we can offer extra attention.
  • A local church, offering coats for students in need.
  • A community chest, purchasing clothes and shoes for students in need.
  • A central office supervisor, volunteering her time after hours to meet with teachers.
  • A grandpa, walking his granddaughter up to the front door, kissing her on the forehead, and telling her to have a good day.

There are hundreds of these special moments that I am priveledged to experience each week as the principal at CHIS.  As the holiday season grows near, I hope that everyone will take time to count the everyday blessings that we often overlook as times get busy.


Sherry Price